The Coordinators

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Our coordinators all volunteer their time and effort to ensure the success of this event.   We are able to offer a great and cost-effective camp because of their dedication to the work of building the women's jiu jitsu community.

Sharicka Long-O'Neill

Retreat Coordinator

​Sharicka Long-O'Neill is a brown belt under Brad Nicolarsen at the Kompound Training Center.  Sharicka will be photographing this year's event and capturing all those wonderful memories! She also assisted in securing the Retreat's housing and the training facility.
Most importantly, she's one of the ladies ensuring you are well fed throughout the entire Retreat!

Sharicka Long-O'Neill

Stephanie Linkus

Retreat Coordinator

Stephanie Linkus is a coach and purple belt under Brad Nicolarsen at the Kompound Training Center.  Stephanie was instrumental in helping to secure the Retreat training facility, updating and maintaining the event website and registration page. Most importantly, she keeps us on budget!

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Kate Owens Eischen

Retreat Coordinator

Kate Owens Eischen is a blue belt under Amal Easton at Easton Training Centers. Kate is in charge of making sure you have some amazing goodies to take home again this year, that you're well fed, and you're up to date on all things Retreat-related by posting on all our social media accounts.


Hannah Strong

Retreat Coordinator

Hannna Strong is a coach and blue belt under Matt Jubera at Jubera BJJ. Hannah will make sure your bag is stuffed with swag from our generous Retreat sponsors. She will also be manning our email box so ask her a question if you need, or just say HI! If you think you'll be bored during our downtime, think again; Hannah is busy finding out all kinds of local activities to keep you busy.


Lia Fields

Retreat Coordinator

Lia Fields is a blue belt under Shawn Portela at Portela BJJ.  She assisted in securing the Retreat housing and will help ensure you're not bored by providing you with more local activities than you can stand! She's also responsible to making sure you know when and where we need to be by planning out our Retreat agenda!


Katie Roche

Retreat Coodinator

Katie Roche is a blue belt under Brad Nicolarsen at the Kompound Training Center. Katie will make sure all questions and concerns that you send to our Retreat email box are answered to your satisfaction. She'll also be able to keep you informed on our IG and FB pages, keep us from going in the red with our budget, and is returning again this year with her amazing photography skills to capture the best candids!


Leanna Dittrich

Retreat Coordinator

Leanna is a first-degree black belt under Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu and teaches at Easton Training Center in Castle Rock, Co. Leanna is making sure everyone knows what is going on and when by providing the on-site agenda and schedule.